Central Florida Semiconductor Innovation


Key Technology Area

Advanced Chip Packaging
National Security


CareerSource Central Florida
Florida High Tech Corridor
Orlando Economic Partnership
Osceola County
University of Central Florida
Valencia College


NSF Engines: Central Florida Semiconductor Innovation Engine is positioned to grow and strengthen the U.S. semiconductor industry by enhancing domestic manufacturing capabilities and advancing next-generation microelectronic technologies. Focusing on use-inspired R&D and translation around advanced packaging and digital twin technologies, the Engine aims to create secure, cutting-edge semiconductors. NeoCity plays a critical role in reshoring sensitive microelectronics manufacturing, supporting national defense, and driving long-term economic growth in the Central Florida region and the nation.


The NSF Engines: Central Florida Semiconductor Innovation Engine will play a pivotal role in addressing the growing domestic need for semiconductor innovation and manufacturing. Emphasizing the development of advanced packaging for semiconductors and creating a workforce skilled in cutting-edge technologies, the Engine aligns with the U.S. National Defense Science and Technology Strategy, addressing critical technological and national security needs. The Engine fosters collaboration among local high schools, community colleges, and universities to build a domestically trained workforce, addressing the significant talent gap in the semiconductor industry Creating multiple on/off ramps for training allows workers to leverage education and training opportunities along career pathways.

With a focus on regional and national economic growth, NeoCity's advanced packaging capabilities are set to capture a significant share of the expanding semiconductor market, expected to exceed $92 billion by 2026. This growth will not only enhance the U.S. position in global semiconductor manufacturing but also create high-value jobs and drive sustainable economic development in Central Florida. By integrating research, innovation, and workforce development, the Engine is poised to transform the regional economy, enhance national security, and position the U.S. as a leader in the semiconductor industry.